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How can the silence of colleagues «unclean in the hand» a person - this is the question the author is discussing. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How can the silence of colleagues "unclean in the hand" a person - this is the question the author is discussing.

F. Sokolova, talking about the life of the orphanage of the forties of the last century, tells, it would seem, about a good man, not a villain and murderer ... The proof of this is the response of the manager to the first remark addressed to him by one of the members of the collective. The man did not argue with the young teacher, returned the sugar to the place, and soon and completely quit the orphanage.

It means that his conscience has not completely fallen asleep in his soul, or his fear guided this action. The author says that "he only waited until someone reminded him that it was not good to steal." But no one reminded! And it is not known, to what could bring the thievish man indifference to his "deeds" of silent colleagues.

The author's position is not difficult to determine. F. Sokolova believes that the silence of colleagues is unacceptable: it can bring "unclean" to a serious crime.

I fully agree with the opinion of the author. Indeed, by silence we only encourage dishonest people, push them to seriously violate the law. Classics and publicists have written about this many times.

MABulgakov in the novel "The Master and Margarita" describes the employees of the Variety, which are a conglomeration of all kinds of vices. So, the director of Variete Stepa Likhodeev is a drunkard, lazy, a thief, a libertine. So are his charges: the administrator Varenukha, the financial director of Rimsky. These characters consider it normal to take bribes, rude, podlyachat, steal. Why in the Variety all this was possible? Because everyone was silent.

In the article of M.Ye. Litvak "Unconscious Theft", there are a lot of examples of theft that exist only because those around him who are "unclean by the hand" are silent. Nobody considers theft if he passes a bus stop and does not pay ... They steal on small things in their own enterprises. At the construction site - it's building materials that can be carried away, at the enterprises - food products. He will not consider the director of the restaurant stealing if he dines at his institution and does not pay. Silence and indifference have already led us to the point that dishonorable actions in society are even justified. Recall how many small businesses "went into the shadows" because of exorbitant taxes. Thousands of people know where one or another entrepreneur works, but they remain silent, thereby supporting criminals.

Thus, I can conclude that the silence of colleagues and others is the worst evil that leads many to clash with the law.

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