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The dream of a rich husband is the problem that L. Zhukhovitsky discusses. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The dream of a rich husband is the problem that L. Zhukhovitsky discusses.

The author, reflecting on the girls, for whom marriage is a means of earning, condemns them. But at the same time, L. Zhukhovitsky understands why and why this dream came from millions of my contemporaries. Today, everyone is just saying that they are talking about luxurious weddings and no less luxurious divorces, and crowds of "provincial Cinderellas" wander about on TV screens, each with its own prince.

The author believes that Russian brides need to rely only on themselves, on their knowledge, mind, talent ...

It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of L.

Zhukhovitsky. Indeed, while striving for a comfortable life, one should rely only on one's own strengths. It's not worth chasing a millionaire husband, you can often just be in a "golden cage." Unfortunately, very few people understand this, but there is an exception to the rules.

In the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, I read an interview with the singer Angelika Agurbash, who recently divorced her husband-millionaire. The woman is very happy about this event, because in marriage she was a "slave" of her husband. And this is Angelica, who has victories in beauty contests, participation in Eurovision!

The main heroine of the novel "Headache" by Katya Belova, accidentally acquainted with a rich man who fell in love with a graduate of one of the Moscow schools and was ready to put the whole world at her feet, was not tempted by a house with a blue pool and a luxurious life. The girl leaves from Victor, because she does not need a "golden cage"! Life at it only begins, and Katya wants to achieve everything herself. And I respect her for it!

Thus, I can conclude that the dream of a rich husband - the lot of not very smart girls.

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