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Some teenagers dream of becoming rich whereas others consider it to be dangerous. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is a tendency among youngsters to make money simultaneously with their schooling to be able to dispose your own earnings. Some people assert this occupation prepare teens to the adulthood while others claim it is so perilous.

In my opinion, being wealthy in such a young age is splendidly as it promotes to psychological upbringing of the person. To begin with, teenager who has a large incomes learn an independence, a sense of respect for others’ work.

These personality traits are so significant whereas you are apply for a job. Moreover, it is a possibility to afford a little more than peers, beginning with essential needs and ending with luxurious, for instance, education in the most prestigious universities. Besides, if the youngster is well-of, it can facilitate vocation guidance therefore he will decided with his further field of activity.

Nevertheless, there are people who contradict with this affirmation saying teens that earn a great deal of money are at risk. Above all, some immature humans are not conscious enough to rationally manage tremendous sums of money thus their parents responsible for the consequences. Furthermore, due to young age you can become a target of malefactors who make a fortune by commuting crimes, namely robberies or even murders.

I entirely disagree with this point of view. It is going without saying financial failure is an inevitable phenomenon on the way to an efficient treatment with money so it will be a useful lesson for teens.

To sum up, being rich in youth is a primary dream of many teenagers. It is a superbly to have personal incomes in youth, however, it has specific pitfalls, consequently, you should be always organized, hard-working and wide awake.

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