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Some people think that graffiti is vandalism (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Many people around the globe argue about graffities. Some of them consider graffiti artists to be vandals, while others admire their murals.

From my point of view, some people misunderstand this form of art. Graffities made by mature artists are incredibly beautiful and attractive. These people express their concern about some serious problems or just try to make someone feel good and smile. Furthermore, they make boring gray concrete jungles look more colorful and interesting to both locals and tourists.

However, there is an opposing opinion too. Some people claim that inappropriate words, phrases or pictures spray painted on walls and other surfaces, which is a pure vandalism, are also considered to be graffities.

That is why they think that graffiti in general is a bad thing.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the above-mentioned opinion. First of all, it is not fair to generalize real graffiti artists with such vandals because they have completely different purposes. Secondly, many building owners in America and European countries pay proffessionals to have unique and outstanding murals on their fences, walls or entire buildings, which means that well-done graffities are loved and appreciated. Even some illegally painted ones are kept untouched due to their beauty or popularity.

To sum up, I would like to say that people should not think that all the graffities are bad and must be overpainted because some of them are real masterpieces.



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