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Central parts of big cities should be closed to private transport пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays there is an opinion that city’s centre should not be opened to private transport. Whereas others disagree and think that it is wrong to close central parts of cities to individual vehicles.

From my point of view, central parts of big cities should be closed to private transport. First of all, air of cities centres will be more clear because individual transport, which is the largest part of all transports’ types, cannot drive through the centre. Secondly, it is a good opportunity to develop public transport which will have access to central parts of cities. Finally, many automobiles cause an enormous amount of accidents and they are more dangerous in centres of cities where is a big number of people.

However, some people hold a different opinion.

They are sure that it is not obligatory to close cities centres to private vehicles because it is easier for drivers to go through central parts of cities from one end of city to another one: it saves their time. Moreover, private transport is a guarantee that a person has a time everywhere.

Yet I cannot agree with them because in the modern world many express ways are built outside the cities centres and road is taken less time than drive through central parts of cities. Then, it is easier to use public transports that to arrive somewhere because they have own time-table which they follow.

In conclusion, though some people believe that it is not right to close cities centres to individual vehicles, I strongly believe that private transports need not access to central parts of big cities because there are existing other types of transport.


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