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Modern life is impossible without gadgets (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It goes without saying that people have different opinion about importance of modern devices in our life. Some people strongly believe that gadgets are inherent part of everyday living. Other supposes that they do more harm for people than good.

From my point of view it is impossible to imagine modern world without gadgets. Firstly, technologies give us opportunity to keep in touch in any situation. For example, now has been introduced the quarantine all over the world but thanks to gadgets we can continue communicate with friends, study and work. Secondly, modern devices open for people unlimited entertainment opportunities. For example, people can listen to music, watch films, read books and play computer games.

However, other people believe that gadgets make our life worse, effect on our health, work of mind and destroy ability to communicate live.

For example, people say that one of the most widespread problems is gadget addiction and people cannot control how much time they spend on social networks, playing computer games and listening to music.

Nonetheless, I cannot agree with them because there are a lot of different ways to solve this problem. For example, nowadays in school teachers are try to repeat such often us they can about harm of continue using of gadgets.

To sum up, there is someone who continue to challenge my position, but I am completely convinced that it is impossible to imagine modern life without gadgets.


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