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Although it is fashionable to be green, it is almost impossible in today's modern world (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people think, that it is good to be environmentally friendly. They care about the environment, trying to save animals from extinction, trees from cutting down and so on, while others are sure that there is no way to solve this problem nowadays.

As for me, it is important to protect our planet from the man-made negative impact that can hurt ourselves too. Firstly, people should understand that if they do not care about the environment, it will affect you tomorrow. Secondly, it is logical that people cannot change the ecological situation at all for a few years. It needs more than one billion years to change it completely. But we can start doing little things to improve it faster. We can use paper bags to carrier bags, throw rubbish in special separating bins, collect waste paper for paper recycling and so on.

However, some people believe that modern ecological situation does not allow people to change it. To start with, it is expensive. Solar panels and wind turbines cost too much. Not everyone has a possibility to afford living in eco-houses which are not polluting the environment. Moreover, today there are a lot of factories and plants which produce products we cannot live without.

I absolutely disagree with this opinion. I think, that factories should use recycled resources in producing products we need. It will safe nature from destruction.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we can improve the environmental situation if we start trying to change it right now.


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