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Travelling abroad helps to understand own country пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, more and more people are travelling abroad. Some people think that the experience of spending time in foreign countries helps people to grasp the features of their homeland. Others suppose that travelling abroad destroys the relationship between the population and the country.

I believe that travelling broadens the mind. First and foremost, while travelling the person can tell the difference between the mentality of his motherland and the foreign country. For instance, people in Europe are used to walk around the house in shoes while the Russians putir homes Secondly, there is an opportunity to listen to a different opinion about the native country being overseas. Finally, only after moving to another country can people understand why their own country cannot keep up with high living.

For example, the Russian Federation’s government cannot pay an unemployment relief for a long time because it has a 150mln of population and only a 13% tax whereas the France tax is 30-50%.

However, there is an opposite opinion. Firstly, travelling abroad the man forgets about his homeland and stops perceiving it as a motherland. Furthermore, being overseas the person internalizes foreign believes and forgets about the ones of his country.

I disagree with this opinion. To begin with, the biggest part of people misses the homeland and its nature being abroad. Moreover, if the one faced foreign traditions, he would grasp his country’s ones because of understanding that he was doing a lot of traditions unconsciously living in his motherland.

Finally, I am convinced that traveling abroad is the key to understanding the native country. (267)


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