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Summer holidays in the countryside are best for all teenagers пример 2020 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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Оценка эксперта внизу

Some people claim that it is much better for teenagers to spend their summer holidays in the village, others have an opposite point of view. Let us examine this problem more closely.

In my opinion, the countryside is an ideal place for teenagers to spend their holidays. Firstly, young people can find out how to grow plants and take care for cattle in the village. Teenagers will never have such an experience in the city. Secondly, fresh air and farm food can effect positively on teenagers’ health. This way, they will suffer from flues less in winter. Thirdly, there are a lot of activities in the countryside, such as swimming in a river, having a picnic and riding a bike.

However, not all people share my point of view. They claim that the Internet in the settlement is very bad, so it is a bid disadvantage for young people.

Moreover, teenagers will be far away from their friends and classmates, so they will miss them a lot.

I am afraid, I cannot agree with the above mentioned statement, as teenagers can read books and listen to music instead of searching the Internet in the countryside. Furthermore, teenagers can make friends with local people, this way they will have fun and enjoy their holidays.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, I am convinced that there is no a better place for teenagers to spend their holidays than the countryside, and young people can learn useful skills, make new friends and have unforgettable summer holidays there.

Оценка эксперта:

К1 - содержание.

К2 - организация.Эссе построено логически верно.

К3 - лексика.

take care for cattle(take care of..)

flues (flu)

К4 - грамматика.Грубых ошибок нет.

К5 - орфография и пунктуация.

bid (big)






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