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Summer holidays in the countryside are best for teenagers пример 2020 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Recently there has been a heated debate whether it is actually essential for youngsters to spend their summer holidays in the countryside. This issue is rather controversial and relevant nowadays.

Personally, I think that the countryside is a brilliant place for every teenager in summer. Firstly, the environment is better there. Fresh air, pure water and a lot of green help to improve the health of adolescents, which is very weak because of stressful school year. Secondly, in the village teenagers have a wonderful rest from the gadgets and social media. It reduces anxiety and stress. It is really useful to unload your mind sometimes.

However, there is a contradictory view. Some people are sure that the countryside is not the best place for young people to spend summer.

They claim that the youngsters suffer from boredom there.

Anyway, I do not share this opinion. It is my strong conviction, that there are lots of amazing things which can be done by my peers in the countryside. You can just try something new. All in all, everyone can make friends with somebody, who live there.

To conclude, I can say that the countryside is the best place for the teenager to spend summer holidays. Only there young people will be able to abstract from their all everyday problems.


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