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Эссе по английскому на тему «Моя семья» и сочинение по английскому о выпуске из школы 11 класс Spotlight on Exams Module 7 RNE Writing (Школьные сочинения)

Hi Pete,

Thank you for the letter. It’s really nice to get some news from you. Something tells me that the graduation ceremony of your brother was just fine. I’d like to answer your questions and give you some too.

Well, I feel very happy but unsure at the same time about my graduation. It’s really hard to me to change my life because I live all my life without any turns. I need to move to another city and go to University after graduation. I like it and I scared of it at the same time. I don’t have any plans on the next year because even the near future is foggy for me.

Now about you. I think that it’s great to see your brother graduate and see how he had grown. How is the graduation ceremony going in the USA? What are your brother marks? What are your brother plans on the next episode of his life?

Best wishes,



My family.

My family is pretty important part of my life. My family consists of me, father and mother. I don’t have brother or sister and we don’t have a pet in our house. My father works in a factory and my mother is responsible for the household chores. My mother wears the trousers in the family. We are from middle class family. We are living in a big comfortable house. We are buying our clothes and meals in a shops and markets with some economy. We are not poor but still need save money with some economy.

For entertainment, we are visiting our relatives and not missing such important events like marriage of friends or relatives for example. I can go to the park, cinema theatre, museum but alone because my parents are busy.


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