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Education is the most important possession (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In my opinion, having education is very essential. Firstly, literacy gives people a lot of distinct opportunities. You can discuss various problems, find different decisions. You can communicate with smart people and feel free in the society of intellectuals. You will be able to find a prestigious, well-paid job and be successful. Secondly, an educated person can be immediately recognized due to his speech, manners and behavior. Such people are respected by everyone. Communication with them is pleasant and enlightening.

However, some people claim that education is not the most significant thing a person can possess. In their view, it is possible to become a successful individuality without any education. You will get a good job or material prosperity, if you are active, crafty and full of vitality and enthusiasm.

For a long time it was believed that education is not necessary at all, especially for women. Young ladies were considered to be lucky not because of their education but due to the successful marriage. Moreover, the process of getting education is rather long and time consuming.

Personally, I do not agree with the above opinion. I am convinced that interesting and versatile life, full of success is not really possible without education. Without education access to such magnificent spheres of our life as literature, culture and science will be closed. Also, the very process of acquiring knowledge is interesting and amazing. And the years spent at the Institute or University are believed to be the best period of life for most people.

In conclusion, I would lie to say that education is the best possession a person can get which will open a great number of doors to the world of unknown but incredible things.


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