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Education is the most important possession a person can have пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Education has become a hot topic for debates in recent years. Some people claim that it is essential to be educated while others hold an opposing view. Now I would like to express my attitude to this issue.

In my opinion, education is very important in our competitive world. Firstly, it is considered to be a clue to success. During the job placement all the employees pay attention to your diploma, resume, theoretical and practical skills and if you have quite good achievements you will probably get better job with higher salary. Secondly, educated people are supposed to be more successful. They are always entrusted with complex tasks, missions and so on. Moreover, such people are usually in the centre of attention so everyone tries to follow them.

Nonetheless, some people claim that education is not necessary for people.

They say that it is much more important for a person to be able to make a healthy profit. And this goal can be reached by purposefulness and mental features.

From my point of view, these arguments are not crucial because nowadays it is hard to earn money without having almost basic skills and knowledge in certain sphere. For example, you will never start your own business from scratch if you do not know at least simple things about it.

In conclusion, although there are different opinions on this problem I still believe that education is essential as the air we breathe and it opens new opportunities for people in their lives.

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