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Travelling makes us wish to study languages пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is no doubt that people travel a lot nowadays. There are two opposite points of view on travelling . Many people consider that it has a great impact on a person's motivation to study different languages. But other people believe that you can enjoy travelling without learning languages.

As for me, travelling is the best motivation to learn new languages for a number of reasons. Firstly, the person is surrounded by huge amounts of people . The necessity of communication makes them to learn other foreign languages to understand people of different nationalities and culture. For instance, you will learn what kind of food they eat or how the notion of respect is expressed. When the person understands the language of the country he feels more confident.

However , some people consider that studying new languages is a useless waste of time and travelling does not worth it because you can communicate with people using a simple translater program or just ask for help from the guide.

I can not agree with this statement. Knowing languages makes your travelling unforgettable. The experience of talking with people will be completely different without using any mobile gadgets. Modern translater programs are far from perfect , they do not give you a guaranty that you will understand the person you are talking to. What is more, guides are often too bussy to explain every single detail.

Taking in consideration all mentioned above, I can say that travelling is a really good chance of self-education. You can improve your life skills by learning new languages and find good friends in other countries.


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