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The best religious holidays and festivals are those with specific traditions for celebrating (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

No doubt, that lots of people all over the world follow different religions and as we know all religions has its own specific traditions. Some people say that these kinds of activities play a huge role in forming our outstanding of religions themselves, while others disagree. Let me express my point of view.

In my opinion, religion plays a significant part in people’s lives. Christians, Muslims, Jews and other believers respect and honor their traditions all over the world. I strongly believe that these activities make us more sincere and devoted to our own history. Moreover, such kinds of festivals are always very exciting, beautiful and attract people of all ages and nationalities.

However, there are people who consider that religious holidays should not be celebrated.

They say that every country have enough public holidays to celebrate. Besides, atheists claim that in modern society there is no place for religion.

Nevertheless, I disagree with this opinion, I consider that public holidays have nothing common with religious ones. Social holidays and traditions are usually established by governments, while religious are closely connected with the centuries-old history of mankind and personal belief in Higher Power.

To sum up, there is no doubt that all countries have their own traditions and festivals to celebrate, but I think nothing can compare to a beauty and importance of religious traditions. It goes without saying that these celebrations unite people in their faith, make families stronger and give a chance for people to remain spiritual creatures.


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