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human cloning experiments should not be controlled by the government пример (—очинени€ ≈√Ё английский €зык)

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The issue of cloning people has raised a lot of heated arguments lately. Some people think that administration must not monitor cloning of people, meanwhile other people consider this problem from another point of view.

Personally, I think that human cloning should be controlled by the government and there are some reasons to prove my point of view. Firstly, there are some problems that we will gain due to the self-cloning experiments. For instance, overpopulation is the most sufficient issue to cope with. In fact, there will be no place to live if cloning men will be public. Secondly, no one can predict which changes and consequences human cloning can bring, so that clones can possibly harm real people. Thus, that is why ministers must control the cloning of humanity.

However, some people say that copying people should not be controlled by administration. They claim that the governments may have their own plans for cloning people. For example, they can create a huge army of clones to demolish other nations and peoples.

Although this argument seems to be persuasive, I cannot share this idea at all. In fact, the majority of scientists maintain that a medicine is more likely to be developed. The armament is not being sponsored now. Furthermore, the army of clones will be created with no harm to real people.

With respect to other peopleТs opinion, I am absolutely sure that copying of humanity must be monitored by government as it is the sphere of science which is full of unexplored mysteries, so that government should regulate it.

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by government (The government)

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