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40. Human cloning experiments should not be controlled by the government (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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One issue causing lots of controversy is whether biological experiments should be conducted under the governmental control. Some people think human cloning must be supervised by authorities, while other people claim medical institutions need to have rights to solve this problem by themselves.

To my mind, such experiments should be controlled by the government. Firstly, cloning is a really complicated process demanding expensive equipment and top-tier specialists.

If this activity is uncontrolled, it may lead to unpredictable consequences. Secondly, government must be responsible for preventing abuse in this sphere. Thirdly, cloning might pose a threat for a human life. That is why a controlling role of state is especially essential.

However, there are people with an alternative opinion. They claim it would be correct to give the right to research cloning to the independent medical laboratories. They are sure people working there are the best experts in the medical fields, while government structures’ workers hardly have special knowledge in the sphere in question.

I cannot fully agree with my opponents’ opinion. Human cloning problem cannot be seen as an exclusively medical one, but also as a moral and ethical question, which is actively discussed by society. Thus, the government structures should be responsible for regulating of all the aspects of this disputable matter.

To sum up, it should be emphasized that cloning of people is currently on the stage of researching and its results are unknown for the future. So, the governmental institutions should not only play a significant role in observing the experiments, but also become a link between researchers and different groups of society to prevent crucial mistakes.

Оценка эксперта:

К1 (решение коммуникативной задачи) – 3 балла

Коммуникативная задача решена успешно. Замечание касается лишь использования выражения lots of, которое как неформальное следует заменить на a lot of.

К2 (организация текста) – 3 балла

Текст организован правильно.

К3 (лексика) – 3 балла

its results are unknown for the futureits implications are unknown [Предложенная фраза более лаконична и корректна].

К4 (грамматика) – 1 балл

1) role of state – role of the state [Требуется артикль];

2) to the independent medical laboratories – to independent medical laboratories [Артикль не требуется];

3) while government structures’ workers – while the government structures’ workers [Желателен артикль];

4) Human cloning problemThe human cloning problem [Требуется артикль];

5) problem cannot be seen as an exclusively medical one, but alsoproblem should be seen not only as a medical one, but also [Необходимо перестроить фразу, иначе разрушается конструкция not only …, but also и теряется смысл];

6) on the stage ofat the stage of [Требуется замена предлога].

К5 (орфография и пунктуация) – 2 балла

question, which is actively discussed – question which is actively discussed [Запятая не требуется].

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