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Education in Russia (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

“Studying in a university develops all your skills, including your stupidity” (A.P. Chekhov).

This quote effectively illustrates that going to a university is a controversial thing: there are both pros and cons. Nowadays, there are numerous educational systems across all the different countries all around the world. Therefore, there are a lot of issues in them, a few of them solved in some countries, and a few of them solved in other countries.

In fact, educational systems in Russia and America are different. In particular, in USA, when choosing a curriculum to get your higher education, it is possible to choose different subjects for your minor and your major degrees. For example, after graduate from university, you can be a major specialist in architecture, and a minor specialist in history of art. In Russia, however, you do not have such an option.On the contrary, tuition fees in Russia are usually lower.

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Also, unlike Russia, in the USA, there are private schools, as well as mixed-sex schools, when in Russia, all schools are state and single-sex. Also, in the USA, paperless resources are used widely in schools and universities. As I think, there couldn’t be a lot of schools in Russia using something but paper materials. A couple of months ago a minister of education said that the vast majority of schools in Russia wouldn’t be able switch to distance learning because of that fact. As I think, if there were more schools familiar with using Digital Resources for distance learning, it would have been easier now for students to study. Also, vacations for schools and universities in the USA and in Russia are different.

Despite the fact that some of these factors are quite appealing, the educational system I would most likely study in is the Russian educational system, owing to the Russian system being, as I believe, the most fundamental among all the other systems. It teaches all the subjects in a very effective way so that at any point of time the knowledge you something you understand completely. I think that this is very important when you are getting a degree, so that the degree is worth the paper it is written on.

Speaking of teaching methods, there are a lot of them. For instance, there is a method called “the Montessori method”. This method’s main principle is limited freedom for kids in the classroom: the kids should be able to choose a learning activity from a list of given ones, they should be given uninterrupted blocks of work time, an environment, full of reachable objects they should explore, and there shouldn’t be a lot of instructions, students should discover most of things themselves by working with the materials. In a way, this is self-teaching.

And now (due to the virus spread) the most popular form of education is distance learning. Honestly, distance learning has its pros, such as, you can make your own schedule (but you still have to attend your courses), and you are free to stay home for the whole day, doing your homework while sitting on the sofa. The latter can lead to an actual con of distance learning: if you are bad at time management, you will have a hard time completing the curriculum. Moreover, you can run out of motivation. Additionally, it is much harder for teachers to encourage the attendance. Finally, it is harder for teachers to practice continuous assessment and generally monitor students’ progress,.

But students have to be responsible, because for many people, getting a higher education is very beneficial. For example, you can can get a more well-paid job, as well as your job can be more prestige overall. Furthermore, higher education makes you much wiser. But it is not true that higher education is a must-have for everyone: for some people, it might just be not worth it. I mean, one can do their best, but still fail an exam.Some people’s pace of learning may be way too slow. And it’s possible that their dream job doesn’t even need a higher education!

To summarize, it is worth saying that, even though getting a higher education is controversial, it is something that everyone should think about doing. In our world, there are thousands of different educational systems, so, if you have an opportunity to study abroad, you probably should analyze the educational system in foreign countries. You should always pay attention to teaching methods that are used in those universities, and, talking about teaching methods, now is the time everyone improved their time management. Anyway, if it is possible, you should also consider applying to Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University.

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