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Exams can motivate students to study harder (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is an opinion among some groups of people that exams motivate students to study more hard. However, the rest of these people consider exams to be only demotivating students and causing them problems. Let us see where is the truth hiding!

What concerns me, modern exams only complicate every student's life. My first reason is that it is rather stressful, and not everyone can handle it: for instance, there are a lot of cases of sudden fainting among the students. My second reason is that the very criterions of modern examination process are very strict and rigid. And finally, some pupils may remain in the stressful state for a long time even after passing the exams, and this is also very harmful for psychological health.

Nevertheless, the rest are sure that exams help students become successful.

Their point of view is that exams promote students to learn harder because they would be very proud to see high results and outstand their classmates. They also think that it does not depend on type of person's temperance and that everyone must wish to learn equally.

Anyway, I do not agree with the last point of view. Nowadays the examination process has become too rigid, which is fraught with severe consequences for student, these being not only fainting, but also some stress-related illnesses as the aftermath.

To conclude what I have said before, I would like to emphasize once again that now exams are rather stressful that useful, but it is very important to overcome these difficulties.


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