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Exams motivate students to study harder. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The role of education in modern society has risen a lot. The standards are higher with every year as well as average university entrance scores. Being on my last year at school I have surprisingly noticed that some students seem not to realize that soon they are going to take exams which will make a great influence on their future life.

But I cannot agree that the awareness of upcoming exams makes students study harder. Firstly, they are lacked of experience when such a great amount of information is checked in such a short time.

It makes an exam look simpler than it really is. Secondly, hoping to cheat is another thing making the problem half-solved. Finally, the perspective of exams is usually so far-away that you don't really realize it until you have one night left.

On the other hand, I know students who start preparing in a year period which I think is reasonable and quite mature. For them taking exams is not only another way to prove that they can score a pointed goal, but also an opportunity to enter the university of their dream. As a rule, their diligence and determination bear fruits.

Nevertheless, over-studying during the whole school year may sometimes have negative effects like tiredness, stresses, lack of concentration which may, in their turn, result in getting unsatisfactory mark on exam.

To sum up, I would like to say that the role of exams in keeping students motivated is insufficient. I believe that only a personal motivation and a strong will help one to make progress. (262 words)

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