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Every city and every town should have a zoo пример сочинения (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The question of having a zoo is very topical nowadays. Some people consider that It can make benefit for animals, while others do not think so.

As for me, I am convinced that It is impossible that every town should have a zoo and I have some arguments to prove my point of view. Firstly, some cities have not got enough money to keep a zoo because It requires a lot of efforts to build this place. Secondly, every town has different type of climate depending on its climate zone and It can be dangerous for some animals. Thirdly, It can reduce the amount of animals in the nature, which can be used in other purposes.

However, there is an opposite opinion that having and keeping a zoo can bring income to the government by attracting local people and some tourists.

Moreover, It is important for keeping animals as they can be protected by zoo keepers, who takes care of them every moment, giving them special food.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with this opinion as I do not share a thought that zoo is a place of interest to visit every day and some income cannot be effective as some animals will demand expensive care every day. Some animals cannot be in safety as they are limited in space and they could be fed by unsafety food from others.

To sum up, I would like to say that keeping a zoo can reduce a quality of money, as some animals are required to be taken care. To my mind, If a government wants to increase the budget, it is necessary to find other ways to improve income.


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