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Virtual Internet communication results in loosing real life social skills (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the global network has penetrated into every aspect of peoples’ life. Some people believe that online communication badly affects social abilities while there are opponents of this view.

In my opinion, the Internet has a negative impact on social skills. Firstly, people become addicted to gadgets and smartphones. In fact, when all person’s life is on the Internet, where he posts photos, chats with friends, studies, person uses the Internet constantly and, as a result, addiction makes him unable to concentrate on real communication. Secondly, distance interaction causes inability to competently present one’s speech. In fact, when a person communicates via the Internet, he forgets about intonation, vocabulary, body language, facial expressions and gestures because he gets used to using slang words, abbreviations that makes it difficult for a person to make a speech in a real life.

However, others claim that virtual communication has a positive effect on social abilities because it is far easier for some people to talk via the Internet than in a real life as they have enough time to make a good answer.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the above stated argument, because when somebody does not answer immediately, his interlocutor might think that he is not interested in conversation that will make dialog long and cold.

In conclusion, I would like to say that online communication makes speaking skills worse than talking with people in a personal meeting. Regardless of what my opponents may claim, it is my strong belief.


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