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Cars are important modern type of transport (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I absolutely agree with the opinion that cars are the most important type of transport in today's world. ON THE ONE HAND having of a car has many advantages, but on the other hand it also has disadvantages.

I want to start on the positive side of this thing. At first glance, if people buys a car, they also buys comfort for yourself. For example, when we go to work or study, we don't have to get up so early and take a bus at a particular time. If we go to a store to buy a lot of food, it will be much more comfortable to put it in the trunk and go home.On public transport, we would carry heavy bags and it would be difficult for us to manage. Also, many people like to go to other cities or some long trips by car. It happens to be very atmospheric.

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We can stop anywhere and anytime without disturbing anyone.

But on closer inspection, cars are harmful mechanisms. The gas which comes out of the car's pipe is very harmful to both humans and nature. It makes, as scientists say, a "greenhouse effect". the amount of carbon dioxide getting into atmosphere is increasing every day and the air is getting dirty. Many kinds of plants and animals begin to die out, human health is getting worse from the dirty air and nature has no time to clean itself. In addition, every day there are accidents on the roads and sometimes many people die. The car is one of the most dangerous types of transport. There are other problems with this technology which are not so serious. For example, cars often break and people spend a lot of money to fix them. There are long traffic jams because at least every second person has a car.

But still, having so many disadvantages in such an invention, people do not refuse from it. That's because we are used to using them and we have no idea what we are going to do if there are no cars, and no phones. They make life easier for people. Scientists and nature protectors have accepted this fact and created a new ecological machine. Such machines are not fed by gasoline and they do not give out harmful gas and do not destroy our planet.

I hope that this invention will soon come into common use and everyone will switch to eco friendly cars.

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