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Summer holidays in the countryside are best for teenagers example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The issue of holidays has always aroused controversy. Some people consider adolescents should spend their summer vacation in the country. At the same time there is a certain part of society which claims city is the best place for youngsters to spend their summer holidays.

Personally, I believe it is better for teenagers to be in the country during their summer vacation, because there is no duties and work out of town that is why adolescents have a possibility to relax and gain strength. Besides, there are always wonderful nature and clean air in the countryside so youngsters can improve their health which is very important for a growing person. Moreover, if teenagers spend Summer holidays out of town, they have more communication with their relatives which improves family relationship.

However, there are people who do not share my point of view. They claim adolescents’ vacation should be spent in the city, because there are many places of entertainment and interest, which youngsters like to visit. In addition, there are friends in the city and teens want to spend more time with them.

To some extent it is right , but we should not forget that it is possible to find interesting places out of town. For example, adolescents can go hiking in the mountains or swimming in a river. As for friends, youngsters can keep in touch with them using social networks and phone calls.

In conclusion, all views have a right to exist but I do believe that the best way to spend the Summer vacation for young people is to go in the country.


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