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Having pets helps to reduce stress — Домашние животные помогают избавиться из стресса (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Keeping pets is becoming more and more popular, but there are different opinions on whether it can relieve stress. Some people claim that pets make the situation even more stressful, while others do not support this viewpoint.

Personally, I believe that pets calm us down. Firstly, pets, especially dogs, are people’s best friends, and we feel less lonely when we have a pet. Your pet can sometimes replace your family as well. Secondly, our pets cheer us up as they are always glad to see us. Consequently, we feel less nervous and tired after a workday. Thus, I believe that keeping pets makes the situation less stressful.

However, there is an opposing opinion. Some people claim that pets do not relieve stress. They say that it is difficult to look after pets as they need great care.

Thus, in their opinion, keeping pets only adds to stressful situation.

Yet, I find this argument groundless, and I cannot agree with this viewpoint. It is common knowledge that many people find a lot of pleasure in taking care of their pets. If you love your pet, it is not hard work for you to look after it. Thus, I am convinced that pets cannot make their masters more stressed.

All things considered, I still stick to my viewpoint. No matter how strong the opposing argument may seem, I believe that keeping pets helps to relieve stress as we feel less lonely when we have a cat or a dog. Besides, they cheer us up.

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