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Письмо другу 2 темы (New Year+computers) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Letter #1:




Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your letter. T was glad to receive it. Excuse me for not writing to you for so long as I was quite busy lately.

In your letter you asked me about the last time I've celebrated the New Year. The last time I've spent this holiday at home with my parents, cooking and eating dishes and exchanging gifts just as usual. The weather was cold and snowy so we only managed to spend half an hour outside. I hope next year my school studies will become less stressful and I'll have more free time.

By the way, what does your room look like now? Was it hard to redecorate it? Were your parents OK with that?

That's all.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes,


Letter #2:




Dear Sam,

Thank you for your letter. I was really glad to receive it. I'm sorry for not writing to you back because I had a lot of homework to do.

In your letter you asked me about the impact that computers have on our lives. I agree that computers have changed our lives completely during the last few decades, especially in terms of communication and worldwide access to informational resources. Each member of my family has their own computer alongside with other gadgets. We all use them for our work, studies, and hobbies.

By the way, did you like your holiday? Were you traveling alone or with your friends or parents? What is the most memorable experience you have had during your vacation?

That's all for now. Keep in touch.




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