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Use the questions from exercise 8 and write about your holidays (Школьные сочинения)

ГДЗ по английскому языку; Rainbow English; 5-й класс; Unit 1; Step 8; упр. 9; стр. 43.

Вариант ответа №1

The weather was not very pleasant in summer. There were many cold, windy and rainy days. It was not comfortable to walk in such weather. So, in summer I stayed in my town. My parents and I wanted to go to our village by train and visit my grandparents but decided to cancel the trip because of the bad weather. We did not go abroad either because it is very expensive.

I played a lot in summer. As the weather was bad, I usually played at home. I played my favourite computer games and I also played table tennis and chess with my father. I stayed at home, but I did not write letters. I only wrote and sent messages to my friends.

I had a lot of free time and read books. During the holidays I read three very interesting books. The first was about animals, the second was about history, and the third was about football.

Those were rather unusual holidays but I loved them!

Вариант ответа №2

I'd like to say a few words about my summer holidays.

All the people in my town and my region were very lucky because we had perfect weather all summer long. It was sunny, the bright sun was in the clear blue sky every day. It was warm, and there were some really hot days when it was comfortable to swim in rivers and lakes. We also had a few very pleasant and beautiful heavy rains.

As for travelling, I can say that my summer had two parts. In June I stayed in my town. In my town I walked with my friends, rode my bicycle, watched interesting films and also read some useful books. I did not play computer games because I find most of them boring. In July and August I was in my village. I went there by train together with my parents and my elder sister Sonya. In my village I spent time with my grandparents, played football with my village friends, worked in the garden, fished on our beautiful forest lake and even hunted with my father. I missed my classmates a little and wrote them letters from the village.

I enjoyed my summer holidays a lot!


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