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Famous people must learn to expect that their lives will never be private (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Celebrities are those people who are a big deal in some industry, be it painting of singing, television or theatre and so on. Most of these people have a lot of fans and are also intently watched by paparazzi in main part of cases, so they usually have to get used to it.

To my mind, this is true. To begin with, a person who managed to become famous draws a fair share of public's attention to themselves, including different journalists and paparazzi who take photos of them and post news about them without celebrity knowing it. Besides, there are fans who may also cause some inconveniences as there are many of them who literally worship their idol and do staggering things to prove it. To conclude, celebrity may also have haters, and some especially insane of these haters may heavily hurt or even murder the famous person different ways like shooting them or dousing with acid.

However, there are other opinions concerning this topic.

People who think the opposite claim that celebrity, while participating somewhere, may, firstly, have a clause in their contract that they will not give any interviews or something like that. Finally, they can live incognito and just wear some masking clothes that might hide them from curious eyes.

Anyway, these questionable ways are not always as effective as some people want it to be, and usually celebrities can be revealed even by mere civilians.

To sum up, I would like to state that those who are famous have to deal with paparazzi, fans and, oftentimes, haters.


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