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Volunteering is essential for teenagers пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people think that volunteering is very important for young people. Definitely, not everybody agrees with that opinion. They consider that volunteering is meaningless for adolescents. 26 words

In my opinion, doing voluntary work is essential for teenagers. Firstly, a volunteering experience makes better the CV and it helps with entering to university. Secondly, volunteering is very useful for improving communicative skills and developing personality that are immensely important for young people. Thirdly, volunteering teaches adolescents some valuable aspects of life. For example, do not take some things (food,health) for granted and appreciate that you have it. 70 words

However, many people believe that it is not so important to volunteer for teenagers. They think that volunteering requires a lot of time and energy and it is just impossible for adolescents to combine education and volunteering.

Also, it is insensible to do something for free for teenagers, because they should buy many things for education: special books or some equipments. 61 words

I cannot agree with the above opinion. I consider that if teenagers organize their schedule rightly, they can find time for volunteering. Moreover, volunteering is rewarding and if adolescents do voluntary work,it will return to them, like a boomerang. 40 words

In conclusion, I strongly believe that volunteering is very important for young people. 13 words

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