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Benefits and drawbacks of living in a big family (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

People have always wanted to have a happy family. Some people consider living in a big family like the God’s gift. A big family is a family with two parents and more than two children, while others believe that having one child is much better.

In my opinion, having a big family is becoming more and more popular. To start with, living in a big family, has some benefits. First of all, children have a chance to develop their personal qualities like generosity, kindness and patience. They can help their parents with the little children and household chores. In addition, it is much more interesting to spend time together when there are a lot of people in the family. There are far more opportunities for playing board games or outdoor activities, for example, camping.

However, there are people with the opposite opinion. They claim that parents in big families can not devote enough attention to their children, as they have to spent all their time at work, earning money, because it is not easy to support a big family.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with the above opinion. Families with two or more kids get benefits from the government. For example, they get maternity capital, which can be spent in many ways. It can be spent on children’s education or housing improvement.

To sum up, although some people may think that having a big family means having a lot of problems, I strongly believe that living in such a family influence a person in many positive ways. Actually, it is up to a person, which kind of family to choose.


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