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Living in a countryside is much better than living in a big city (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays a lot of people prefer to live in big cities. But others say that it is much better to live in the country-side.

As for me, I would prefer to live in a village, because you are close to nature there: you can always eat fresh and healthy food, especially if you grow vegetables by yourself. What is more, life in the country is much cheaper than in the city, because people can save money on food, transport and so on. At the same time, people living in a village communicate with each other more, while in the city people sometimes do not know even the names of their neighbours.

Other people say that living in the city gives more opportunities for education and work, that modern transportation and conveniences are better than in the country-side.

They also say that cities provide better treatment, hospitals with better facilities and qualified doctors. Cities offer better living conditions with hot water and central heating.

However, I cannot agree with this point of view. Certainly, I understand that it is much easier to find a well-paid job in a large city, but now there are a lot of special programmes or grants to support people working in a village. Moreover, now most of the village inhabitants have all modern conveniences such as gas, electricity, hot water and the Internet.

In conclusion, I would like to say that now the government improves living conditions in the country-side and encourages more and more people to move there.


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