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Письмо по английскому ОГЭ (For Teddy) вариант 9 / (For Peter) вариант 10 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)




Dear Teddy,

Thank you for your recent letter. I will be happy to help you with your difficult task.

I started learning English in second grade. At the begining English was not interesting for me. But in fourth grade I began show interest in English. Besides this language I would like to learn French and Norwegian because French is one of the most interesting languages and Norwegian is unusial language for me. Also, I like pronunciation in this language. I think that the easiest way to learn foreign languages is regularity. If people learn some languages they should understand that they must regularly practicing their language.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,





Dear Peter,

Thank you for your recent letter.

I think that a city excursion will be interesting.

As for me, I don't like going on excursions because it is boring for me and I don't like to be in crowd. I think that excursion can spoil bad weather, noisy people around you. I don't go on excursion often. But my last excursions was in the museum with my class. We saw different interesting things there. Such as ancient tools, ancient clothes, armor, different crafts and ancient children's toys.

Hope to hear from you soon

Best wishes,



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