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Письмо ОГЭ For Julia Вариант 6 / For Emma Вариант 7 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)




Dear Julia,

Thank you for your recent letter. It is not bad, that your sister is interested in fashion. May be she will be a designer in the future.

But for me, Fashion is not important because it is not interesting for me. Different trends and fashion magazines are not for me. I prefer comfortable clothes. When I am in a shop, I choose clothes that I like but not nesseceryly fashionable. I usually buy clothes with my mother or my friends. When I go shopping with mom it happens quickly but when I do it with friends it happends slowly bacause we talk about different things.

Hope to hear from you soon

Best wishes,





Dear Emma,

Thank you for your recent letter.

I get very nervous before tests too.

I always talk about differet topics with my friends before tests and exams. It helps me to calm down. Also I listen to music before tests. It helps me too. I have chisen English because I like it. I like learning this language. Also English will be needed in the university for me. I prerare hard for my tests and exams. I do different exercises, learn new words. I also find different similar tests about this topics in the Internet.

Hope to hear from you soon

Best wishes,



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