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Music can help make world peace (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is obvious to everyone that music has always played an important role in our life. There is a popular opinion that music can create peace in the world, while others claim the opposite. In this essay I will try to express my opinion upon this issue.

Personally, I think that music has a power to save the world from wars. Firstly, music can be seen as an international language which can be understood by people from all over the world. There are a lot of quarrels about how people should behave in different countries, but people from different cultural backgrounds can share the enjoyment of a particular style of music or band. Secondly, in the last few years there have been many occasions when music helped bring people together. For example, on the issues such as environment and world hunger.

Artists supported peace demonstrations, even organised whole event to promote peace and anti-war messages.

However, some people disagree and claim that certain forms of music can have a negative influence on people. For instance, rock music, heavy metal arise anger, irritation, rage which can lead to aggressive behavior. Some popular song lyrics contain violence, racism, suicidal thoughts.

Nevertheless, despite all my respect, I can not share this opinion. I truly believe that good music,good choice can lead to happiness all over the world. Nobody can force you to listen to music that you do not like or find ridiculous.

In conclusion, taking into consideration there are two points of view on this issue. But I am still convinced that music fills our world and enriches it, music makes us better than we used to be.

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