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In recent years tourism has really taken off. However, many people think that tourism ruins everything that it touches (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is undeniable that travelling has experienced continued growth and deepening diversification, that led to it having a substantial impact on the spheres of social life. People present different reactions to what global tourism is offering host countries. Some of them focus on the positive aspects of mass tourism while others dispute this by considering the potential pitfalls for the tourist destinations. So, how can the breakthrough in tourism alter the state of the receiving societies?

From my point of view, travel, with its high adaptivity and sustainable increase at the very dawn of the twenty first century, has provided the development of both cosmopolitan attitudes and our inherent capacity to change.

The first thing that needs to be said is that nowadays tourist destinations take considerable financial advantage of tourism sector hitting record highs. And let us not forget the added convenience for local communities in the face of infrastructural development and resolving of macroeconomic issues.

Nevertheless, one can consider this problem from another angle. The main reason for that is that destructive environmental effects of tourist trade seem to be neglected by the globetrotters. They are of the opinion that, the greenhouse effect is directly correlated with influx of holidaymakers. And as a result, host countries get severe air pollution in cities and natural environments, deteriorating water quality, a great deal of unwanted waste. Moreover, tourism has a negative impact on vegetation, animals, and soil as well.

Despite my respect for this opinion, I cannot share it because the current reality is that poor countries and regions are the most reliant on tourism as it occupies a significant place in their Gross Domestic Product. So, despite its pitfalls, in my opinion, the rise of tourist arrivals is hardly disadvantageous, but its negative influence on environment can be solved as eco-friendly tourism is becoming a movement, and more vacationers are buying into the concept.


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