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Life in the countryside (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays life in the countryside is not so popular as it used to be. Some people think that it isn’t suitable for young teenagers, while others are of the opposite opinion.

In my opinion, life in the countryside is not for young generation at all.

First of all, it seems that life in the country must be boring as there are no attractions for youngsters. For example, there are no cinemas, no museums. By the way, countries usually are not provided with sport facilities like gyms or different sport clubs.

Secondly, children who are living in remote places, do not have a chance for good education as children in cities located in the western part of Russia. Teachers in country schools might be not so skilful enough to prepare pupils for institution.

Also, the famous universities are located in cities, therefore the red necks need some funds to travel there and to find an accommodation before becoming a student.&񗝘&񗝘However, there are some people with the different opinion. Living in a country, of course, have a great benefits. Obviously, people who are living in the countryside are quite stronger and healthier than townspeople. I think, it is due to they have to do a lot of physical work every day. Plus there are neither air nor water pollution, no noise and crowds of people.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with the above opinion. As most countries are located far away from the big cities, there are no infrastructure and emergency services, which are very important in cases of fire, illnesses, robberies etc. It might lead to dangerous consequences both for people and their properties.

To sum up, although there are some benefits, I strongly believe that life in a city is more attractive for young people as it offers more opportunities for them such as education, sightseeing and fun. Anyway, it is up to a person who is choosing where he or she would like to live.

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