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“Music in metro” project seeks to provide Muscovites with music. Is it the right place for classical music to be performed? (Школьные сочинения)

Moscow commuters can get a taste of live music on their metro journeys as musicians turn stations into their stages. Metro stations in Moscow are hosting concerts by singers, musicians and bands as part of the Music in the Metro project. Some people say that underground is a great place

to perform classical music. However, others argue that it is

appropriate to let bands and buskers play classical music in a public place like metro.

I totally agree with the first point of view. Firstly, there are many stations with terrific concert hall acoustics and plenty of space for those who rush by on their way and for those who are stand and listen. Therefore, in any case, listening to some classical music is a good way to start or end a day of a Muscovite. Secondly, this project is building up an entire community. Both benefit here: the listeners get charged with positive emotions while being on the go and the musicians get the chance to attract new listeners and maybe even fans.

My opponents would say that not all passengers are ready to put up with an orchestra in the carriage because a drum set for example takes up too much room.

I disagree with the aforementioned point of view because during rush hours no performances are allowed. Thus, musicians do not make commuters feel uncomfortable in the carriages.

To conclude, I would like to say that “Music in metro” project is a marvelous innovation and the subway is definitely the right place to perform every kind music, even classical.

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