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Music (Школьные сочинения)

Music is everywhere. We can hear it in the street, shop, at home, in yards.

Of course, music influences us all in different way, because we have different physical, mental and emotional tendencies.

People are different, and their tastes are different too.

As far as I know, many young people are fond of music. I have a lot of friends, and they like different kinds of music.

I can understand them. Music reflects our world and our feelings. Somebody likes jazz, all are the rest don't, and can't listen to it.

But Everybody can find such type of music, which he or she likes.

Today I want to tell you my attitude to the world of music.

In my life, music means a lot. In addition, I cannot imagine the life without music.

It is like air for me. Every action, every day and step I do with music in my earings.

It gives me power to live, breath, dance and work. Music enriches my heart and soul, fills me with positive, makes me think about good things.

I enjoy different sorts of music from rock until classical music. And modern melodies too. It's interesting for me, imagine composer's feeling, his thoughts, his life.

Such melodies inspires me to do great things, to love, they make me happy and strong. When I have bad days, my favourite melodiea as pills, injection for me, to break my grey mood.

As for classical music, I want to believe that such tunes will be immortal, recognizing and unforgettable for a long time.

I can relax, while listening music, all of the pleasant emotions are upon my face. In this time I'm calm, sweet melodies are treatment, after hard and long working day.


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