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1. Should the government fund art? 2. Some people say that youth is the most wonderful period in a person’s life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

1. It is widely believed that the government should support art. However, other people argue that it is unnecessary to spend any budget money on art. The issue is quite controversial, so let us speculate about it.

In my opinion, government should allocate money on Art support. First of all, it is indispensible for the government to provide budget support for art because the majority of Art forms are non-commercial once and the cannot earn enough money to provide for themselves.

Moreover, national heritage must be preserved for the future generations and it cannot be achieved without the material support for the authorities.

Conversely, some people assert that there are a lot of urgent problems which need to be solved. Thus, money should be directed to dealing with these issues and ought not to be wasted on Art.

I am afraid I cannot agree with my opponents’ points of view due to the fact that there have always been a lot of current problems which are needed to be solved but eternal values always remain. For instance, we still admire paintings dating back to the Renaissance. Consequently, Art is worth financing.

In conclusion, I would like to say that all the above-mentioned makes me even more convinced that the government must provide money because without it many kinds of Art would not survive.

2. It goes without saying that youth is the most fascinating and fabulous time in person’s life. However, other people claim that young people immature and unexperienced to understand that each period of time is unique and people should appreciate every moment of life.

I strongly believe, that youth is full of stunning shreds. Firstly, young people have plenty of free time and they can develop their knowledge in different spheres. Secondly, they are physically active, that is why they can do a lot of things simultaneously. Last but not least, they have not many responsibilities and worries and youngest are almost free.

Anyway, some people may not agree with my point of view. They suppose that teens are considered to be unexperienced and impulsive. They are not in charge what they do. Moreover, youngest often make many mistakes and sometimes behave in an unsocial way.

I respect the above-mentioned opinion. But I am afraid I cannot agree with my opponents’ points of view due to the fact that young people are able to gain some experience by practicing and reading books. Also, I am sure that we should not be afraid of our mistakes because every person learns about life from making them.

To sum up, I would like to say that all the above-mentioned makes me even more convinced that youth is an adorable time in our life. I am sure that we cherish the happiest memories during the whole life. Every person is matter and builds his/her career based on knowledge from young age.


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