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Childhood is the safest period of human life. during the formation of a person (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is generally suggested that being an infant is the most secure and harmless part in a human life cycle. However, some scientists do not agree with this statement and support the opposite point of view.

To my mind youthhood is the most happy-go-lucky period of man’s lifetime as a child tends to be supported by his parents or relatives, who know the life norms much better. Moreover, the “child” status provides useful benefits, for instance a vacant transportation bus seat, free-of-charge school lunches. In addition, some missteps in behavior might be forgiven due to “child” status.

Nevertheless, some scientists claim that infants suffer from hunger, lack of clear water in undeveloped countries because of low living standards.

More than that, infants have to become adults earlier to help one’s family with siblings and household referring to religious canons.

Personally, I disagree with scientists’ opinion since nowadays the majority of countries are highly developed, consequently most children are in safe and easygoing atmosphere.

esides, secularization occurs today, therefore adults tend to think carefully about their family future.

To sum up, I am convinced that childhood is the safest period of human life since it is supported by its relatives and government laws, even though undeveloped countries are likely to endanger infants due to their low living standards and religious principles.

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