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Childhood is the most important period in the life of every person (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Childhood is the most important period in the life of every person, because at that time the child has a worldview, the formation of the personality is taking place. It is no accident that VA. Soloukhin raises in this text the problem of the role of children's impressions in the future destiny of man.

At the beginning of the text the author tells about three Russian poets and what influenced their work. For example, in Lermontov's poems Oak is often found because of the fact that in his youth he loved spending time in an oak forest. Yesenin often mentioned birch in his works, as near to his house there was a birch grove. Blok's work was also influenced by nature, especially the Lutosnya River, over which magnificent fogs rose. The author says that his native places endowed the poet with a sense of the Motherland. Further, Soloukhin discusses the significance of children's impressions, calling them "the foundation of the future spiritual life." He leads a detailed metaphor, saying that "seeds are planted in childhood", which germinate (or do not germinate) throughout the life of a person and determine what it will be: "Some become bright and pure flowers, some - grain ears, evil thistle.

" At the end of the text, the author claims that in Blok's heart the flower was the feeling of the Motherland, which for decades blossomed and blossomed. This was the reason for the deep connection between the poet and Russia.

The author's position is expressed in the penultimate paragraph of this text. Soloukhin convinces the reader that the period of childhood determines how a person will grow up. He believes that any character trait of an adult was laid in him when he was still a child.

I fully share the author's point of view. Indeed, the period of childhood has a huge impact on the future life of a person, because at this time the child is very receptive to everything that is happening around him, because his mind has not yet formed views on the world and life position. That is why all childhood memories and impressions are reflected in adult life.

Agreeing with VA. Soloukhin, I want to turn to fiction and find arguments in it to confirm the author's position. Recall, for example, the product of M.Yu. Lermontov's "Mtsyri." The protagonist was forcibly taken away from his homeland when he was still a child, and was held captive in a foreign land. For many years he suffered in captivity, dreaming of returning home, and once he escaped. In the days of his freedom, when he was close to his homeland, Mtsyri recalled happy moments from his childhood, his native places, his family. Unfortunately, he could not get home, because he was weak from hunger. Dying, he said that he was unbearable to live outside the house. Thus, Lermontov shows the influence of childhood memories and the Motherland on a person.

Also, as an example, you can cite A. Alexin's work "Actress". This story tells of a man who came to the theater, which he went to as a child. After the performance, he watched one actress who performed in this theater when he was a child. The hero told her how he once walked with his grandmother to her performance. This was a very important event in his life, therefore, when he saw the actress playing as an adult, he was filled with memories of his grandmother. He thanked the actress, because she brought him a sense of happiness for one evening. Thus, the author shows how children's impressions affect adult life.

In conclusion, I would like to note once again that it is impossible to overestimate the significance of the period of childhood in a person's life, because it determines his entire future life.


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