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Exams are a fair way of testing students (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays it is believed most schools and universities have a tendetion of testing students by exams or any other special tests. While other people suppose that there is a great number of ways checking students knowledge and skills obtained at schools or universities.

As from me, using exams with the purpose of testing students cannot be necessary in a modern world for many essential reasons. To start with, in a stressful situation everybody may forget some meaningful rules or not concentrate, that is why a person is probably to make much more so silly mistakes and get worse mark he or she deserves. Moreover, being in a nervous state and conditions because of exams may hurt student's health and feelings or affect on mood. In addition, some exams and tests show only average requirements, and it cannot be an indicator of people have unique abilities.

However, there are people who are sure using exams is one of the best way to control and check students knowledge.

First of all, they state that a person who prepares for an exam or a test has an opportunity to pass it well. What is more, these people believe that this way of checking acquired knowledge is a great motivation for students, as the results of these tests will effect on the future life.

Despite these arguments, I still disagree with this statement. Firstly, it is much better not to prepare for exams, but for lessons and seminars without feeling nervous. Secondly, if a students understands that the results is so important he or she will probably find a way of cheating to have an excellent mark and there are many other ways of motivation for students to study.

In conclusion, I would like to said that there are different points of view on this difficult problem and issue, but I consider that there is a great number of ways of checking, contolling or analysis students knowledge, skills or attainments without stress and nervous situations making students feel exhausted and make silly and offensive mistakes.


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