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Should cruel sports be included in the Olympic games? Cruel sports (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Sport is very important in the modern life especially Olympic games which improve international relationships. But there are different kinds of sport and some of them are cruel such as boxing or martial arts. Should this kind of sport be included in the Olympic games? In my composition I will express my point of view on this matter and debate with my opponents.

I think cruel sport like boxing and martial arts should not be a part of Olympics games. To begin with, every cruelty contrasts with humanistic idea because beating each other is wild and turns people into animals. Consequently, such sportsmen begin to solve their problems in real life by physical violence. Furthermore, boxing and martial arts are the most dangerous sport. Due to hard hits there is a high probability to get heart and mental disease, traumas such as nose or arms breaking and fighters can even die on the ring.

However, there is people with another opinion who think Olympic games should include boxing and other martial arts. Because only this kind of cruel sport is really exciting and thrilling which gives a lot of emotions and adrenaline.

Although, this statement seems convincing, I cannot agree with it. Because in Olympic games there is a great variety of breathtaking and exciting sports besides martial arts. For example, different team sports like basketball when supporting energy and emotions of spectators are especially seen.

To conclude, boxing and other martial arts should be deleted from Olympic program due to their cruelty and injury risk.


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