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Team sports help people develop a stronger character than individual sports do пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays there are different points of view on team and individual sports. Some people say that team sports are more effective in developing strong character. Others, on the contrary, claim that individual sports are more valuable in life. Let me express my own opinion.

To my mind, individual sports develop a stronger character than team sports do. First of all, they teach people to rely on themselves. Everything in competitions depends only on their skills and preparations. Nobody will help each other if they make a mistake. Also individual sports always make athletes improve, challenge themselves and beat own results.

However, there are people who have the opposing opinion. They claim that team sports are more beneficial because they teach athletes to cooperate with each other, work in a team and reach high results together.

Moreover, team sports teach person to lead, if he become the captain of a team, or follow other's instructions.

However, I disagree with this statements. I think, team sport are not good for some people. Most of us want to be independent and does not want to follow someone's instructions. Also some people are arrogant and self-centered and not ready to lead others.

In conclusion, I would like to say that team sport are not only way to develop a strong character. Individual sports can do so as well. So people have to find an activity that they enjoy and develop themselves in this direction.


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