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University education is essential for young people essay (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays most companies prefer to have employees with higher education and that is why a lot of school leavers try to enter a university after getting a school certificate. However, some people understand that higher education does not guarantee them a good position and high pay at once. So, the question if the university education is so essential for being successful in career is very controversial.

I belong to the group of people who are sure in usefulness of university education. First of all, an academically minded person should not refuse to continue his or her education in spite of the endless talk on every street corner about the possibility to be realized without any diploma of higher education. Modern societies need skilled specialists. Could you imagine our life without doctors, engineers or lawyers? Secondly, the higher education will help you with the career growth.

In the event, when a chief needs to choose an employee for a position, he would rather prefer a worker with university education to a person without it.

Unfortunately, some highly qualified professions, such as teachers, doctors, engineers are not well-paid in our country. Young specialists try to find jobs in other spheres. They become managers, secretaries or businessmen. And a lot of people believe that they have spent time at universities in vain.

I can not agree with this position. Firstly, university knowledge will give you a great start in any profession. Not many folks know that most successful businessmen have higher education. And at last, a young specialist could try luck in other country if he is interested in money.

To sum up, a person can do nothing without a talent and desire. A diploma of higher education could only make the start of a career easier.


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