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The best holidays and festivals are those with specific traditions for celebrating. The letter to Jack about sister`s swimming lessons (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In my view, holidays and festivals with their own traditions are the best. To start with, all customs have their own history and because of that can unite a nation. Doing something together in one day always creates an atmosphere of solidarity. Besides, old holidays and festivals show the culture of the country where they are celebrated. They are one of the ways to know another nation and its customs and traditions.

However, there is an opposite point of view that our world has changed and people do not have to follow the customs of the past. My opponents insist that local traditions of one nation can be unacceptable for the others because of different mentalities. - не понимаю этот аргумент

I do not fully agree with my counterparts. Truly enough, holidays and festivals can not be special without their own traditions. In that case, they would be normal days devoid of celebrations.

To sum up, in my point of view, holidays and festivals are of great importance, because they reflect the history and special traditions of the nation.

So, they are the best for celebrating.



20 February 2019

Dear Jack,

Thanks a lot for your last letter. It was great to hear from you again after so much time.

Wow, congratulations on the enrollment at the uni! Good for you! After school I`m planning to enter the local university. I`m going to have the graduation party at the end of this school year and there will be an official part with parting words from the teachers and a dance part for the students. I haven`t decided what I`m going to wear yet, but I want a medium-length dress in light colours.

It`s amazing to hear about your sister`s swimming lessons! What’s her swimming style? Does she like this lessons? How often does she go to the swimming practice?

Must go now. Anyway, it would be great to hear from you!


|Your name|


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