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Playing sports helps to reduce stress ( )

Thr is no dnying tht this issu is rthr controvrsil nd popl diffr grtly in thir ttitud towrds it. Som of thm bliv tht playing sports is a grat way of rliving strss. Othrs, on th contrry, hold th opposing opinion.

As fr s I m concrnd, playing sports dos hlp to rduc strss nd thr r som rsons to support my viwpoint. Firstly, playing sports is xciting so it distracts popl from thir worris. Scondly, playing sports is halthy. Rcnt scintific rsarch has rvald that a halthy lifstyl lssns th lvl of strss so playing sports is significant for popl who suffr from it.

Howvr, thr r popl who think diffrntly. Thy clim tht doing sports dos not hlp to rduc strss.

Th main rason for thir propnsity is that doing sports is maninglss bcaus it maks popl vn mor tird.

I disgr with it. It is worthwhil to play sports bcaus it hlps to rcharg th battris and rlax.

To sum up, tking into ccount vrything sid bov I cn com to th conclusion tht playing sports dos hlp to rduc strss.

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