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1.How can we make new friends? 2.Should every school-leaver know English? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Most people would agree that friends are very important in our life. But is it easy to make new friends? What are the ways of making new friends nowadays?

Firstly, summer camps and short training courses or participation in other extracurricular activities provide an excellent opportunity for making new contacts with peers. By means of doing tasks together, people get to know each other better. Moreover, personal features and traits of character are being revealed through collaboration.

Secondly, in the modern digital world, there are a lot of social networks. They can also be one of the ways of getting new contacts. You can easily find people who share your interests or have a similar sense of humour.

Besides, special meeting websites or forum platforms are being popular in the internet space where you can meet with different persons.

Finally, the most ordinary walk can be the reason to meet new people. One has only to talk to someone, as soon as there are topics for fascinating conversation or discussion. After all, if we really want to meet someone and make friends, we will always find the time, place and opportunity to do that.

All in all, friendship has always been important for people and there are a lot of ways of meeting and getting to know new people and friends. People, who are really open to getting new acquaintances, will always find an opportunity for it.


Most people would agree that every school-leaver should know English. However, there is an opposite opinion that English is not necessary for the future career of most people.

I believe it is crucial to know English in the modern world. Firstly, English is a global language. People cannot get international study or job without good knowledge of a foreign language. Secondly, travelling abroad, people can communicate better with foreigners if they understand them. Thirdly, learning English broadens perspective and horizons.

On the other hand, school graduates may not need English if they do not travel outside their native country. At least, there are many contemporary technologies used for translation. For instance, computer-assisted translations of any foreign text into some other language are available.

I do not fully agree with the above mentioned point of view. Machine translation is not perfect, and it can be a problem for human communication. Moreover, the English language is a part of world culture which is used in many areas, such as tourism, scientific exchange and joint business. Every educated person should know the cultures of the world in which he lives.

To sum it all up, English may not be needed by every person but knowledge is never extra. We do not know what awaits us tomorrow.


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