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Everybody understands that we should recycle our waste. However, most people continue disposing of it in the usual way (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Everybody understands that we should recycle our waste. However, most people continue disposing of it in the usual way.

Nowadays recycling is a topical but debatable issue. Some people believe that it is essential to recycle our garbage, whereas others prefer disposing of waste without the possibility of reusing it. Whether to reduce the amount of waste or not is an individual decision.

It seems to me that it is important to give a second life to used things.

To begin with, recycling is the best way for people to reduce wasting natural resources and preserve them. While garbage is thrown away, it can be reused for other purposes. For example, paper can be recycled for newspapers or used for little notes. Moreover, recycling campaigns and actions are good for saving environment. They help to clean the green territory of litter and rubbish and prevent further pollution. Furthermore, the government should invest in recycling companies because these companies help to decrease state budget spending.

On the other hand, there is an opposing opinion. Some people think that recycling factories are a waste of money. Firstly, people do not have enough time to keep their rubbish and give it to special companies. Secondly, many people do not want to have things which could be used secondhand.

Despite the arguments mentioned above, I still believe that many people want to save natural resources, and recycling is a solution to the biggest global problem. At first, ecological actions are normal for the modern world. A lot of caring people take part in them and hand over their old things for recycling. Besides, recycled clothes, toys or magazines can be used for charity. There are a huge number of poor people who need things, but they cannot afford them because of poverty.

To sum it all up, I would like to say that there are two different opinions on this issue, but I am convinced that all people should recycle their waste and not create garbage dumps that pollute ecology.


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