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A holiday is just another day off (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Holidays differ. Holidays can be a summer vacation, national holiday or just a family holiday when family members spend time relaxing or celebrating something together. A day off is a day when people do not work because they need to have a rest. For some people a holiday is equal to a day off, whereas there is an opposite viewpoint.

In my opinion, these concepts are not the same. As a rule, while being on holiday, family members spend time together, celebrating for example New Year or Christmas, or travelling. In contrast, days off are mostly a waste of time because the majority of individuals prefer staying at home on these days, not doing any particular activities.

However, some people argue that both a holiday and day off serve for relaxation. They share the point of view that on holiday it is preferable to stay at home avoiding any work that varies from preparation for a festive occasion or traveling anywhere.

These people remind me of coach potatoes and I strongly disagree with them. First of all, a holiday is a good chance to bring the family together and meet all your friends and relatives. Secondly, travelling helps broaden your horizons.

To conclude, I assert that a holiday is not an additional day off. Holidays are special occasions which help preserve national and family traditions. If opponents think that a holiday is just an excuse for not working, they are mistaken.


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